The Fairmont Norfolk – A Coffee Lovers Dream :-)

The Norfolk hotel is one of the oldest hotel establishments in Kenya, I believe they are roughly 107 years old, having been established in 1904 thereabouts. I won’t do a full review of the Norfolk coffee experience. Or hotel experience for that matter.  My focus is on the coffee in this particular case. I was attending a conference and was surprised by the great quality of the brew that they served. The brew was well done, not burnt, and the coffee was full bodied, not acidic, which basically pointed to well roasted beans. They were gracious enough to let me into their kitchen to see their equipment, where they have the full range, from the percolator, to the French press and espresso machines. I took a picture of the ground beans that they were serving, in hopes that someone will be kind enough to identify where they purchase them. The brand is “Safari Lounge Specialty Coffee” depicted below:

Safari Lounge Specialty Coffee

Now, what really impressed me about the Norfolk (and the reason I gave the title) was two things:

  1. They know how to choose their beans. Normally, most hotel establishments leave it up to the procurement department to figure out where to get the cheapest beans, and this normally defaults to the usual Java/Dormans etc brands, you never get anything unique.  Not so here. They took the time to actually find great tasting beans, regardless of cost/hustle.
  2. Helpful staff. The staff at the Norfolk may not necessarily know much about the coffee they are serving you, but should you have a query, they will go out of their way to make sure your questions are answered. Which is rare, in the Kenya service industry.

All in all, save for cost, I wholeheartedly recommend the establishment for one’s coffee’s. The brew was nothing short of brilliant, and their other espresso based coffees should also be great (I have only tasted the Americano 🙂 ).

4 thoughts on “The Fairmont Norfolk – A Coffee Lovers Dream :-)”

  1. Dear Sir

    Many thanks for the great feedback regarding the coffee. I have just stumbled upon this great review and wanted to touch base. We are a small batch roastery and take great pride in the quality of coffee.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

    Kind Regards


  2. Im pleased to say that I actually work at Fairmont the Norfolk, and its great to see some recognition! Thank you on behalf of those who didnt get to read this! Email me if you want to know where we get the coffee from.

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