Pete’s Coffee – Tagline Competition

Pete Owiti is inarguably one of the best Barista’s we have in Kenya and I dare say greater Eastern Africa. With a great understanding of Coffee, from bean to bar and from bar to mug. Anyone who has been to iHub can attest to the magnetic nature of Pete’s Coffee, you can’t help but ask for another mug. What’s the best part about it? His coffee tells you a story :), whether it’s about where the bean is from or how he got to where he is.

We want you to be part of that story. That’s why we want you, anyone who has taken his coffee or who simply wants to have a great brand get better, to assist us come up with a tag line:

Rules? Come up with a tagline for Pete’s Cofee e.g. Pete’s Coffee, ” for Pete’s sake :).” Tweet said tagline. And include the hashtag#petescoffee. Cool? Now tweet away 🙂